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We’ve traveled a fair amount with our kids. We used to travel more but it’s harder now that they’re older and more involved with sports. Now, when we go somewhere different for one of their sporting events, we try to see something cool in that city.  So, even though we can’t always get away for a vacation, when we have free time we try to find some fun and unusual things to do close by. Whether you are visiting or you live here, there are tons of fun things to do in Oklahoma City!


Go pick strawberries.

Is it beautiful out and you need something fun to do? Try strawberry picking! We went to the Agape House Berry Farm in Mustang, OK, just outside Oklahoma City. It was a cute little family owned farm about thirty minutes from the city. We went with kids age 3-13 and they all had a good time.  Read more about this fun thing to do, here:   There are surprisingly a number of different fruits and vegetables you can pick in Oklahoma, including strawberries, blackberries, pears, cucumbers, squash and more! It’s a fun and simple afternoon and believe me, your kids will be more likely to eat these healthy things because they picked them.


Here are a few other local farms to pick fruits and vegetables.

Buffalo creek berry farm bobby.sloan@yahoo.com

The peppermint Dragon okiedragon@yahoo.com


Check out a museum

Like most metropolitan cities, Oklahoma City has some great museums! Madeline’s favorite is the science museum. Hands on and always changing, kids love this museum! And, so do parents!  First of all, It’s huge!  Kids can run around, touch everything and there are multiple areas where they can be active, including a tree house with slides and swings. There’s a gymnastics area with lots of different mats to run, jump and do other creative kid-like stuff.  And, an area that focuses on fitness.  This area includes a place kids can race, try balancing, do a tug of war and so many other things!  The best part of this museum is that kids are learning and they are having fun doing it!



The Oklahoma Museum of Art is a great way to spend an afternoon! We usually make a few trips to this museum every year. If anyone comes to visit, we take them to see the Chihuly exhibit. It’s our favorite! The museum has added some activities to help keep kids involved. They’ve set up sketching stations, art books and videos to allow kids to be active while increasing their interest in art. They have special kids activities on Saturdays.  One day we did etchings. Very cool!  But, my favorite was making puppets.  Laura and her husband Paul were in town.  I kept the puppets a few years before I finally got around to putting the puppets into a shadow box.  I gave it to Laura for her birthday. So cute and special!

Oklahoma City Museum of Art – Official Site


Find a local festival

It doesn’t matter where you live, every state has some awesome weekend festivals.  I have seen tons of cool and unusual ones that I’d definitely like to go to.  The Alyeska Slush Cup in Alaska combines costumes and trying to skim across a frozen pool of water.  It’s in April every year and the pool is still frozen? Bring a jacket and hope for a booth selling hot cocoa with a shot of something to keep you warm!

Bishop, California has Mule Days.  A weekend long celebration of, you guessed it, the mule. The festival includes different equestrian shows, the United States longest running non-motorized parade and a long list of other fun things to do set in a beyond beautiful location.

If you have a chance, visit Linville, NC for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.  A four day festival celebrating all things Scottish!  Watch or participate in a log throwing competition, while listening to some bagpipes or Celtic music.  I know that if there is a festival with men in kilts with Scottish accents, that is a place I would like to visit!

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Festivals in Oklahoma City

If you look at any travel site you’ll probably see the Oklahoma City Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  We’ve only been here once and were lucky enough to plan it during their annual Chuck Wagon Festival.  It was great! The kids were able to see a candle making exhibit. There were cowboys showing how they made ropes in the old days. The kids actually made a rope, got a lesson in how to lasso a steer and got to bring the rope home. They made corn husk dolls, ate beans and practiced milking a cow. And, of course, people were dressed in cowboy attire. So fun!

Annual Chuck Wagon Festival

Here is a unique bit of trivia! Guess what? There is a town in Oklahoma called Elmore City.  Why is that special? The first Footloose movie was based on events that occurred there.  And….they have a Footloose festival! We haven’t been but it’s on my festival bucket list!

Explore Bricktown!

When Laura and her daughter recently visited, we decided to explore some of the things that Oklahoma City has to offer that I haven’t ventured out to see or do in the many years I’ve lived here.  A little history of Bricktown that you may not know: During the land run days it was a hub of commerce in Oklahoma.  Sadly, it fell into decline in the 1960’s-1970’s. Investors came in the 1990’s and over the last 25 years, it has grown into a very cool place to spend an afternoon or evening while in Oklahoma City. In addition to great restaurants, nightlife, and a baseball stadium, Bricktown has a very cool water taxi!  Y’all, it’s not Venice, but it was a fun and different thing to do on a pretty afternoon!



Go have an adventure at the Boathouse District.

This place is A-MAZING!  Seriously!  Buy the all day pass because you will want to spend ALL DAY!!  They have stand up paddle boarding, flat water kayaking, or if you’re feeling adventurous do the whitewater rafting and kayaking.  It’s pretty amazing that you can experience class II-IV rafting with the backdrop of downtown Oklahoma City as your view.  Or don safety gear and clip into the 80 foot high adventure course including ropes, balance beams and more.  Make it to the top and choose your level of adrenaline rush to reach the ground, including high speed slides, a zip line or even a free fall experience…!!!  Or you can take the stairs.  (It’s okay to just take the stairs.)



Conclusion, if you don’t live in Oklahoma City, it’s worth a visit.  If you do, take a weekend and explore all the cool things to do in your own backyard!

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