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The other day I had a sticky hand.  I had touched something in the car (I don’t know what it was and I really don’t want to know.  I have kids. It could have been anything!) and a little bit of the stickiness was on my hand…GROOOOOOSSSSS!!! So, as I reached into my purse to get my trusty travel size hand sanitizer, I was thinking, “I could not live without this stuff!”  And, that got me thinking of all the other things I couldn’t live without.  A blog was born, ladies and gentleman!

The cool thing about writing a list like this is that you learn a little something about yourself. And, when you read someone else’s list, you learn something about them.  I’d love to hear some of the things that would be on your list of things YOU couldn’t live without.  Maybe I’ll try them!!  This will be fun!

Of course, we all probably share quite a few things.  Common necessities.  We couldn’t live without family and friends.  Phones (obviously). Really, how did we ever get anywhere without a smart little voice on our phone telling us how to get where we need to go? (I recently changed my phone to the male voice with an Australian accent.  I smile a little every time he tells me where to turn!) Also, we couldn’t live without perspective. (Too philosophical?) What about Vodka? Or wine? My husband would say beer! But, I really was inspired by my desperate search for hand sanitizer to do some soul searching and come up with a really great list.  Here goes!

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1. Purell Hand Sanitizer

I LOVE it.  Instantaneous clean?  Yes, please!  I’ve tried the cheap stuff.  Too sticky.  The kids told me about a kids science project at their school that compared super smell good mall brand hand sanitizer to the affordably priced store brand.  The report was… not good.  According to this random elementary school kid, the super smell good (more expensive) mall brand didn’t work as well.  Did I fact check this? No. I stand by the unofficial and semi scientific random public school report. So, for me it’s moderately priced and pretty good smelling Purell.  Anyone know how I can buy stock in this company?

You want easy access to clean, fresh smelling hands, click here and get your own travel size!


2.  Sonic

If you live, well, almost anywhere in America, you know about Sonic Drive-In’s.  I love them! But, it’s really about the ice!  I’m pretty sure the ice is made in heaven and brought down by angels just to be put in my cup.  I’m slightly ashamed to say I am an ice chewer.  Drives Kevin nuts! If you haven’t tried it, you probably shouldn’t because you will be hooked!  They also have really great cherry limeades and cream slushes!

3. My crock pot

It’s not super exciting or really exciting at all, but it is super practical!  For people on the go, people that have kids that do sports until late in the evening or families with two working parents, it is a lifesaver!  (Maybe a dinner-saver!) Throw in a pork roast with some barbecue sauce and Dr. Pepper and a short 4 hours later you have an entree everyone will love.  Add a vegetable and you have dinner.  Basically ready when you are.  It’s almost like a personal chef. Okay, I wouldn’t go that far.  But, it is a practical, healthy and economical alternative to fast food.

Buy one and save yourself some time! Prep you dinner early and let Mr. Crockpot do the rest!


4. Voluminous Superstar Mascara

I’ve tried all kinds of mascara, from department store to drug store.  I’m the person that sees a child on the street and rather than thinking, “What a beautiful child” I think “I’d pay money for that kid’s eyelashes!”  I’ve always had stubby, short eyelashes.  Unfair!!  Alas, the sad story of the stubby eye-lashed mama has a happy ending.  It’s this mascara.  It is by far my favorite.  I’m not sure if it’s some super new technology or the fact that the first coat makes your lashes white and you spend a lot of time putting the second coat on to cover up all the white.  Whatever it is, it works! Try it! You won’t be disappointed!


5. Coffee

I’m not one of those “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” types and I don’t drink it all day long.  But, I am addicted to it. (On a scale from 0-10, I’m pretty sure a coffee addiction falls at about a 2. That’s not bad!) I must have a cup a day, probably two. If I don’t, my head explodes.

More importantly, I associate all types of good and homey feelings with coffee.  When my husband brings it to me in bed. Or on the couch. Or, really anywhere he waits on me, is good.  Sometimes, we will take our coffee out to the back patio.  Kevin likes to sit out there and watch the sprinklers in the morning. (That’s weird, huh? Maybe it’s a guy thing?)  I really just associate coffee with relaxing and spending quiet time with the people I love most.  Maybe it’s not the coffee…

Okay, I really do LOVE the coffee! This is the coffee maker I use at home.  We love it!

Okay, those are the five things I absolutely, positively, without a doubt couldn’t live without.  What’s your list? I’d love to hear it!




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