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My name is Jill and I am a wreath girl.  It’s not really a terrible confession but it is something that might be kind of weird. I thought all people liked wreaths on their door (and I don’t just mean at Christmas), but when Laura came and visited last year and I had a spring wreath on the door, she assured me it is NOT normal.  She also told me she thinks it may be a Midwestern thing.  I don’t think that’s true.  What I know IS true is that a wreath is a wonderfully inventive and fun way to decorate the front of your house for a holiday or occasion and a great way to welcome people into your home.  And, if you are crafty, you get to make something awesome and then put it outside to enjoy every time you come home!  Walk up your entryway and bask in the glory of your own awesome hand crafted wreath!  So, I decided to reach out to all the other wreath girls (and boys) out there and give some instructions on how I created this simple patriotic 4th of July wreath.

There are so many cool wreath ideas!

I’ve made tons of other wreaths from ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest! Again, I ask, what did people do before Pinterest?  I don’t even want to live in that world.  Anyway, even when I follow the idea on Pinterest, I still try to do something to make it my own.  Often times that stems from forgetting to buy a needed supply or general cheapness about buying said supply.  I think those are the times I am forced to be super creative and I end up with something all mine, even though I’ve started with someone else’s general idea. Always try to put a personal and unique touch on anything you make!

Here’s a wreath I made for my friends baby shower.  We hung it on the door as a cute welcome to the party decoration.  My friend, Allison took it home and used it in her daughters room after the shower.  What a sweet compliment!!

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The 4th of July wreath is an original, though.  I was obsessed last year with making pinwheels.  How did I become obsessed? No clue but I made a bunch of different size pinwheels using different coordinating craft papers and used push pins to attach them to a styrofoam wreath. I thought it was whimsical and unique.  But, being paper, it wasn’t immune to the weather and only lasted a few months.

So, when I needed a new wreath for the 4th of July, I thought a wreath of pinwheels would be great! To me pinwheels scream summer! If I incorporated an American flag design it would be perfect.

Let’s get started.

It took me a few days to find time to make my wreath and when I looked at my supplies I found my styrofoam wreath broken…seriously? Sigh and eye roll!!  I just used some tape to put it back together and it worked fine!  (I couldn’t even find masking tape so I used painters tape.  Where there’s a will there’s a way!)  I wanted to cover the styrofoam so I cut strips of white scrap fabric I had lying around and wrapped the styrofoam. I just secured it with a little straight pin when it was completely wrapped.

Supplies you’ll need.

styrofoam wreath, 3 pieces each of red, blue and white felt, straight pins, fabric scissors- (if you don’t have any fabric scissors, you should leave your house right now and go buy some.  When you get them home, use them on fabric and hide them away where no one else can find them! Because if you don’t they will use them to cut open cereal bags or popsicles or thousands of other things that are not fabric.  NO!  They are fabric only!!  You’ll thank me later!)

Cut the squares.

Going with the flag theme, I decided to use small pinwheels for the blue and white “star” area. And use larger red and white pinwheels for the “stripes.”  I’m not much of a “measurer” (that get’s me into trouble A LOT) so I eyeballed my squares.  You can too, but if you are a “measurer” the little ones were 2 inches square and the larger were 4 inches square.  (I measured them just for you!)  (You’re welcome!)

Make four diagonal cuts toward the center.


Put the pinwheels together.

Then just put the same corner of each cut area together in the center and secure it to the styrofoam with a straight pin. So easy, right?  I intermingled the blue and white smaller pinwheels in about one quarter area of the wreath to represent the stars.


Then I just rotated between a large red and a large white for the stripes.  Voila!  4th of July wreath, hand crafted by YOU!


I believe this wreath cost about $8 dollars to make, $5 for the styrofoam wreath and about $3 for the felt. I had the straight pins already but if you had to buy them it would probably only be about 5 more dollars.  Really affordable for a super cute result.  And, this idea is really adaptable for any occasion.  Just change the colors of felt, or even use patterned craft paper.  It wouldn’t hold up as well to weather but would be super cute!

Fellow wreath people: Don’t be ashamed!  Love your wreath’s and display them proudly!  -Jill


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