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If you were ever a fan of the TV show MASH, hiking to the filming site is a pretty cool experience! Even if you weren’t a fan it’s a great hike and Malibu Creek State Park is beautiful.  Totally worth the effort, wherever you might be coming from.  The entire hike is just under 5 miles.  You can find the directions to find the MASH site here.

It Still Looks Like It Did When MASH Was Filmed here!

The actual location has changed very little, bushes & trees are larger and the buildings are gone, but you can recognize all of the backgrounds of the outdoor scenes.  They look exactly like they did in the show.  It’s very cool and a bit weird being in the scenery of an TV show from your childhood. While you are standing there you can almost hear the chopper coming over the mountain top and the medics running to the helipad with the stretcher!


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There Are Great Photo Opportunities!

The photo opportunities are too much fun to miss!  If you are into hiking it’s a nice break and some good silliness.


The above picture on the left was taken of us hanging out in the swamp.  Yeah, THE (actual) SWAMP! If you don’t know what the swamp is: I can’t help you. Anyway, Yay, us!  Even as kid, I knew that was the place to be.  There is a cool little  map that gives you the location of everything!

Below is a picture of the path up to the helipad that the doctors and nurses used to run up to.  We did a reenactment.  I’d highly recommend it, if for no other reason than to make everyone you’re with (and around you) laugh!

The picture below is where the Mess Tent used to be.  The netting helps with shade and is a great place for a snack.


Whatever you don’t forget to take a picture with THE SIGN!

This Is the Location of Many Great Movies

You’ll learn ALL of the movies that have been made at Malibu Creek State Park.  There are so many, I’m not sure where to start.  The complete list is here.  My personal favorites are The Lost Horizon and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

Malibu Park Is Beautiful

This park is beautiful, truly beautiful.  There are so many amazing things to see!  There are old oak trees, beautiful flowers and their are so many textures it’s difficult to describe.  It’s gorgeous!  There’s even a swimming hole.  Don’t miss this place!  I’d put it into my top ten things to do in LA County.

Have a great hike! – Laura




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