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When my 9 year old nephew, Weston came to visit us in Southern California this summer, seeing an Angels game was at the top of his list of things to do. Now, Paul and I have sat through a lot of sporting events, but they were usually games our kids were playing in. We did a little research and came up with this list of our top 5 tips for watching an Angels Baseball game.  Of course, most of these apply to any sporting event- baseball, football, soccer, etc.  Whether it is major league, minor league or just your hometown team, taking kids to see sporting events can be fun for the whole family!

1.  Gear Up!

Wear your Angels fan shirt and hat!  It makes the whole experience more fun and creates great photos! Of course they sell these at the stadium, but if you do a little shopping ahead of time you will find a much better deal and more choices.  Often stores like Target or Walmart carry fan gear of the local team. It may be worth a look to see if they have anything fun to wear.

2.  Get to the baseball stadium early!

The gates open 90 minutes before the scheduled first pitch.  This gives you time to go by the fan store (even if you aren’t buying, they usually have cool stuff to look at), pick up a beer, grab a hot dog and/or peanuts and find your seat.  Also, you can stand at the fence to watch the team get ready for the game or stand behind the bullpen in left field to see the pitcher and catcher warming up.

For some less enthusiastic fans, this may be too early.  But, if your children are like Weston: they play baseball, collect baseball cards, watch baseball on television and are just all around interested (obsessed), this extra time allows you to see some cool stuff that you wouldn’t see if you arrived just before game time.  And, of course, bring your mitt, baseball cards and a pen. If you’re lucky, you may get an autograph from a player!

3.  Join The Junior Angels Kids Club!

The program is great!  For $18 you’ll receive a t-shirt, water bottle, backpack, 2 ticket vouchers, armband,  coupons and most importantly your kid will get to go to the front of the line to run the bases at the end of the game!  I wasn’t sure what Weston would think of this.  Would he think it was silly? Was he too old to get excited about it?  No! He loved it!  Even though it was a little crowded, it was still a really cool experience to be on the field that your baseball heros play on. Super exciting! Make sure you sign up early as it takes about six weeks for the items to arrive.  Most major and minor league teams have a program similar to this.  Check online when you buy your tickets!

4.  Plan ahead when purchasing baseball tickets.

When you purchase tickets, I highly recommend aisle seats if you are bringing the kids.  You’ll easily be able to get up and walk around, do food runs, explore and it makes the bathroom trips so much easier!  Kids love getting up and moving around during the games.  Many stadiums now have playgrounds or grassy areas that kids can hang out in.  This is wonderful for kids to take a little break and stretch their legs.  Nine innings can be awfully long!

Also, the Angels have Family Sundays during the summer.  If you can schedule your trip then, they include face painting, games and photo boards in the courtyard during the 6th inning!

5.  Bring your sunscreen and a camera!

Take a ton of pictures, kids never stop growing.  You’ll want to remember trips to the ball park!

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Weston had a great time at the Angels game!  He loved the Junior Angel Kids Club stuff and really had a great time running the bases!  He ate more Dippin’ Dots than any kid should. Together we made an awesome memory!!


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