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One thing I am not is an expert seamstress.  So, if you are a beginner like me, this ghost pillow is THE simple and  super cute project for you!

If you don’t have a sewing machine but you think you’d like to start doing some of these simple projects, I say go for it!!  The machine I use is less than $100 and I have used it for SO MANY THINGS!!  I have made lots of simple projects like pillows, pajama pants, Halloween costumes, grip bags for my daughters ENTIRE gymnastics team.  I’ve also been able to hem items for myself and my kids or repair small rips and tears in clothing.  It’s really a pretty small investment for a great machine that can do so many different things! And, I do believe Christmas is coming.  Put this on your list!!

One thing I love about this pillow is that it is so simple.  I even left the edges of the ghost unfinished so they will fray.  I think is the perfect, rustic look for Halloween! The more frayed, the cooler the look for this ghost pillow!

Let’s get started!

For the black part of the pillow I used shiny polyester.  Do you have to use this? No!  I just went to my local fabric store and picked out some plain black fabric in the remnants bin that I thought would be good for a pillow.

For the ghost I did the same thing.  It was an off white Sateen.  But, almost any fabric that isn’t stretchy will do. (As a beginner, I’ve found stretchy fabric can kind of be difficult.  So, for this project, non stretchy is best and easiest!

What do you do first?

Draw a design on a piece of paper.  My ghost was super simple.  Then I cut out my paper ghost and traced him on my white fabric.  I cut him out so he was ready for sewing.


Then, I cut out the paper eyes and mouth and pinned them onto my black fabric and cut them out.

So, my ghost was prepped.  I doubled my black fabric and laid out my ghost to decide how big I wanted my pillow to be.  I went with two 12.5 x 15 pieces of black fabric.  Once they were cut, I was ready to sew!!  (See!  I told you it was easy!)

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You’re ready to sew!

I am not an expert seamstress and like I said, I have a pretty basic sewing machine.  I threaded it with black thread and chose a simple seam.  Use straight pins to secure the eyes and mouth where you want them.  I sewed very slowly and turned my fabric often to sew in an oval shape for the eyes and mouth.


Now I needed to sew the white fabric ghost onto the black fabric.  I used pins to keep my ghost in place on the black fabric and I made sure I sewed it onto the good side of the fabric. I used a white thread to match the white ghost and went to town.

Finally, I was ready to use my sewing machine to sew the outsides of the pillow.  Almost done!!  YAY!!

I turned the fabric so the good sides were on the inside (facing each other) and started sewing in the middle of one side and sewed around all four sides leaving a small gap of about 3.5 inches to turn my pillow right side out and stuff it.  Since that seam gets pulled on a lot while stuffing the pillow, I always make sure I do a good job of back sewing those edges.

Let the stuffing begin!!

If you like to use a pillow insert, that is awesome.  I don’t usually do it because I  sew when the mood strikes and tend to not have a pillow insert on hand.  Instead I just keep a bag of stuffing in my garage so if the occasion strikes to make a pillow, I’m ready.  Just adjust the size of your pillow if you want to use a pillow insert.

Most important part of stuffing a pillow? The corners!  Make sure you really get the stuffing into the corners.  Use a chopstick or other long, non sharp device (You definitely don’t want to poke a hole in your pillow!) if you need to, to really get that stuffing in.

Last step is a little hand sewing to seal up your edge and you are finished!!  I use a ladder stitch or invisible stitch.  If you don’t know what this is, there are some great videos on Youtube that make learning this important stitch super easy. Here’s a great one that really explains how to do the stitch well.

Once you are done with the ladder stitch, your pillow is finished!!

You did it!!  Yay you!

Now, I will be the first one to say (admit) that I am not an expert at sewing.  But you don’t have to be!  And it’s okay if your pillow isn’t exactly perfect.  No one else is going to be examining it for mistakes.  All they will see is a super cute pillow that YOU made!


Looking for another awesome but pretty simple Halloween project?  Check this out for instructions to make a scary cool Halloween wreath!

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