By: June 23, 2017

I’m the kind of person that may not know what’s for dinner, but if you needed a quick batch of cookies, muffins or a cake, I’m your girl!  Knowing I could look in my pantry and have pretty much everything I need to whip up something delicious fills me with delight! (Is that weird?) I guess I believe in a well stocked pantry!  It’s kind of old school and I don’t think I was ever taught this.  I just realized the importance of having certain things on hand…well, always!  So, is your pantry well stocked? If you aren’t sure, I’m going to give you  my list of some basic baking staples to keep around.  You never know when you’ll wake up on a Sunday morning and just NEED waffles!

Where did this idea come from?

I began thinking about this subject a month or so ago.  While I was on the phone with Laura, I was making frosting for something.  I was explaining to her that really anyone could throw together some frosting because it’s super simple and only requires about five ingredients that just about everyone has on hand.  She assured me that she did not have those ingredients and that she didn’t think most other people did either.  I just rolled my eyes as she suggested we put the question out there to the good folks on Facebook for an informal study about whether or not most people had butter and confectioners sugar in their kitchen.  (I don’t keep butter in the pantry but it is definitely a refrigerator staple.  Butter is awesome!  I will feel very sorry for you if you don’t keep a good supply of butter on hand for any kind of waffle, biscuit or baked potato emergency.  In fact, if you don’t have any butter, go get some now!)

Survey results:

So, how did this informal survey turn out?  She was wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!!  The people of Facebook had spoken, declaring me the winner or this oh-so-important argument!  What does this tell us? Obviously many people realize the importance of keeping certain necessities on hand.

The best thing about pantry items is that the things you put in there last a long time.  Your flour isn’t going to go bad for quite some time. The sugar will most likely be used before it goes bad.  I admit, I am not always so good about keeping a well stocked fridge.  That stuff does go bad.  I’m pretty sure that I owe my neighbor, Lisa about 15 dozen eggs. Seriously! But the pantry. The pantry is easy!

By: June 15, 2017

A few weeks ago, we had to go out of town for…you guessed it, baseball.  But our oldest daughter, Madeline didn’t want to go.  She felt like she couldn’t miss her gymnastics practice. We appreciated…